DIY Chobani Flip: Coconut Yogurt With Almonds & Chocolate Chunks {THM:S | Sugar-Free}

This sugar-free and additive-free DIY Chobani Flip doppelganger is full of coconut flavor and dark chocolate, gives you all the taste of the packaged version, and works for low-carb lifestyles or Trim Healthy Mama!

Fresh Sugar-Free Lemon Curd

Fresh Sugar-Free Lemon Curd

Today my favorite flavor is lemon — if only to be able to share this luscious sugar-free lemon curd recipe with you. A lemon curd that’s made with pastured egg yolks, grass-fed butter, fresh lemon juice, and zero sugar!

Spiced Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip Bundt Bread {with soaked einkorn!}

Is it a cake or a quick bread? It really doesn’t matter what you call it because … pumpkin! It’s really not a cake, but if you want to serve it for dessert, I promise no one will know the difference. It’s time to bake something pumpkin in a Traditional way with soaked einkorn!

Perfect Southern Cornbread {in a blender!}

No Southern girl should leave home without it… A reliable recipe for good, homemade cornbread to serve with beans, chili, or even for breakfast. And if you’re needing an easy, homemade cornbread for your Thanksgiving cornbread stuffing, here you go!