{No Sugar!} Chunky Monkey Milk

Here’s a no-sugar Chunky Monkey Milk, with a dairy-free option. Kids can make this quick breakfast or snack all by themselves!

Chocolate Orange Smoothie With Essential Oils {& a secret green ingredient!}

My love affair with the chocolate + orange flavor combination started way back in the day… In an effort to add more of this flavor combo back into my life, plus get in more greens, plus use my essential oils in new and exciting ways, I’ve created this smoothie with essential oils + a secret, prebiotic green ingredient!

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Popsicles {FREE video + a kid-friendly recipe!}

FREE VIDEO! With just 5 ingredients and a blender, your kids can make these grain-free, dairy-free, allergy-friendly chocolate-covered strawberry popsicles on their own so you can sit down and take a load off!

DIY Chobani Flip: Coconut Yogurt With Almonds & Chocolate Chunks {THM:S | Sugar-Free}

This sugar-free and additive-free DIY Chobani Flip doppelganger is full of coconut flavor and dark chocolate, gives you all the taste of the packaged version, and works for low-carb lifestyles or Trim Healthy Mama!

Fresh Sugar-Free Lemon Curd

Fresh Sugar-Free Lemon Curd

Today my favorite flavor is lemon — if only to be able to share this luscious sugar-free lemon curd recipe with you. A lemon curd that’s made with pastured egg yolks, grass-fed butter, fresh lemon juice, and zero sugar!

Light ‘n Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting {that’s sugar-free too!}

Is there such a thing as sugar-free cream cheese frosting? Who else gets a baking challenge like this, except reality cooking show contestants? I’m so excited that this sugar-free cream cheese frosting worked out – no more fear! I hope you enjoy it too! [by Pamela Melby]

Maca Gingersnap No-Bake Treats

Maca Gingersnap No-Bake Treats

We all want to be that lady who’s is always called upon to bring treats for the kids’ class because her treats are the best, who’s famous for her tasty dishes at potlucks, who always has something to snack on. Guess what? You can be that lady and not spend hours planning or prepping, slave over a hot stove, or even turn on your oven. You can include healthy superfoods and adaptogens while you’re at it! Are you ready for my little secret? It’s my Nourishing No-Bake Treats!

Nourishing Harry Potter Butter Beer {no alcohol}

When the kids came in from an afternoon of playing in the snow, hands frozen solid, they asked in unison, “Can you make us some Butter Beer?!” Of course! And I’ll even supercharge it with good fat and gut-healing gelatin! Exchange your hot cocoa for this nourishing, non-alcoholic Harry Potter Butter Beer!

No-Jello Chocolate Pudding Cups {just 5 ingredients!}

Jello chocolate pudding cups were the stuff of my childhood. I want my kids to have warm-and-fuzzy food memories — but without the processed junk. No-Jello chocolate pudding cups: just 5 ingredients, no powdered mixes, dairy, or thickeners necessary!

Spiced Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip Bundt Bread {with soaked einkorn!}

Is it a cake or a quick bread? It really doesn’t matter what you call it because … pumpkin! It’s really not a cake, but if you want to serve it for dessert, I promise no one will know the difference. It’s time to bake something pumpkin in a Traditional way with soaked einkorn!