Paleo Chocolate Granola

Paleo Chocolate Granola

The food I begged for as a child and never got? Chocolate cereal! I’m enthralled by the idea of chocolate for breakfast, yet NOW I’m opposed to reaching for a box of processed cereal to get it. This antioxidant and enzyme-rich Paleo Chocolate Granola delivers just the right amount of dark chocolate flavor with the perfect touch of sweetness!

Soaked Einkorn Spiced Banana Nut Bread

More spice than banana, this quick bread recipe not only makes two(!) loaves, it is also prepared with ancient einkorn wheat and then traditionally soaked to reduce anti-nutrients and make the bread more easily digestible for your tummy.

Southern Coconut Cream Pie

Southern Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut cream pie is The Hubs’ favorite dessert. The best pie, he says, hails from a tiny place known as Tina’s Cafe in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Every time he eats a slice — about once a year — his eyes roll back into his head and he enters a euphoric state. Coconut cream pie at Tina’s is his happy place.

You see, I have something to confess (and it’s a little embarrassing): We’ve been married for almost 13 years, and I’ve never made him a coconut cream pie. Pretty sad, huh?

Honestly, I was fairly certain I didn’t like coconut cream pie. And yes, that’s a pretty poor excuse for never making it for my hubby. I might still have made it for him a long time ago, except that we discovered Tina’s and I was sure I couldn’t compete. All my searches for a whole foods recipe turned up nothing. I had to create my own recipe. THIS coconut cream pie has nothing to hide — no white flour, no refined sugar, no boxed pudding, and no margarine. In fact, if you make a coconut flour or almond flour crust, it’s totally Paleo! Enjoy the benefits of pastured egg yolks, gut-healing gelatin, healthy fat, and coconut in this decadent, but not-too-sweet pie.

Raw Cacao Mint Shake with Avocado, Collagen, & Fresh Mint

This satisfying shake is a new go-to in our house, especially on busy mornings when we need a quick breakfast. And, BONUS!, my kids don’t like avocados, but they love this shake! Win for me!

When I made this shake one morning, I knew it was another breakfast routine waiting to happen. ? Then the kids wanted to try it for their afternoon snack later that week. And when we were all feeling especially munchie one evening, it made the perfect dessert.

It can be breakfast AND a quick afternoon snack AND dessert AND late-night hunger buster! It’s a shake full of nourishing ingredients, healthy fats, and antioxidants that comes together in less than five minutes.

Get the full recipe at Traditional Cooking School!