Nourishing Harry Potter Butter Beer {no alcohol}

Harry Potter fans, exchange your hot cocoa for this nourishing, non-alcoholic Harry Potter Butter Beer! It’s full of Real Food ingredients and has a caramel-y, slighty salty, sweet, and creamy taste that just begs for a family movie night with healthy snacking!

How To Flavor Kombucha With Frozen Fruit

Drinking ferments is one of the tastiest and easiest ways to maintain a healthy gut. Learn how to flavor kombucha with frozen fruit — the flavor combinations are ENDLESS! And you don’t have to worry about your favorite fruit being out of season!

Pineapple-Carrot-Turmeric Spritzer (aka the BEST period drink ever!)

There are a handful of bloated, emotional, crampy, hormonal, eat-an-entire-bag-of-Oreos days that lead up to and include the first couple days of the blessed arrival of dear Aunt Flo. I call this the “Best Period Drink Ever” because it brings menstrual relief and balance like nothing else can!

3 Steps to Broth that Gels Every Time {+ why I love my Crock Pot for broth}

Unless you’re Mick Dodge and/or have been living under a rock … you’ve likely pinned something or read about the many, many benefits of bone broth. I won’t go into all that today. That’s not new information, and I don’t want to just re-blog stuff that 592 other bloggers have done a bang-up job writing about. No, today, I’m just going to share my own experience in making broth that gels every time. This is half a decade of trial and error talking here, and what I’ve finally figured out works for me like a charm.

The Perfect Summer Mocktail (It’s detoxifying too!)

Today I want to share with you the beverage that makes summer bearable for me. It’s the drink I whip up in a matter of seconds when my armpits are soaked with sweat by 11:00 in the morning (yes, because that actually happens).