3 Steps to Broth that Gels Every Time {+ why I love my Crock Pot for broth}

Unless you’re Mick Dodge and/or have been living under a rock … you’ve likely pinned something or read about the many, many benefits of bone broth. I won’t go into all that today. That’s not new information, and I don’t want to just re-blog stuff that 592 other bloggers have done a bang-up job writing about. No, today, I’m just going to share my own experience in making broth that gels every time. This is half a decade of trial and error talking here, and what I’ve finally figured out works for me like a charm.

Chicken, Bacon, & Kale Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (Paleo, Whole30, AIP)

Around here, I’m all about quick and easy meals, especially lunches. The Hubs comes home four out of five days every week for lunch; plus, he’s home all day on the weekends. I love having leftovers for lunch since all I have to do is re-heat and serve, but sometimes I run out of leftovers by the end of the week. Especially on the weekends, I want a healthy meal I can throw together quickly so that I can spend the hubby’s days off with him instead of in the kitchen.

This chicken, bacon, and kale stuffed sweet potato recipe is one of those meals that I love having up my sleeve. Every, single ingredient is nutrient-dense, so this simple meal is also very filling.

Southern-style Salmon Croquettes (GAPS, Paleo, Whole30)

I grew up with my Memaw and my mother making salmon croquettes. Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, salmon croquettes (or patties) were one of my favorite comfort foods as a kid…

Cooking Pastured Chicken

Cooking Pastured Chicken

Today, I’m talking about cooking chicken: the kind you get from your local chicken farmer/friend/neighbor and the kind you raise yourself.

Pastured hens and roosters lead full, happy lives, roaming freely through open spaces, eating their fill of worms and bugs, picking at wild grasses and weeds, clucking and cocka-doodle-doo-ing their days away. Until the day they are respectfully laid to rest — on the dining room table. 🙂

Anatomy of a Blended Soup

Anatomy of a Blended Soup

Blended soups are among the easiest and most frugal soups to make — without a recipe! At Traditional Cooking School, I’m giving you a basic blueprint for creating blended soups of your own. Join me over there and share how you use up your veggies and your favorite blended soups!

Why You Should Avoid Farmed Salmon + Garlic & Rosemary Baked Salmon

Salmon taking sun-less tanning pills and teeming with lice?? If that sounds like something out of a weird nature documentary or sci-fi magazine, I thought so too. Actually, it’s real. And you might be eating that salmon if you’re not careful about where your salmon comes from.

Root Veggie Tartiflette

Root Veggie Tartiflette

I wasn’t sure what to call it at first, since it was a happy accident when I attempted to use up a few extra root vegetables from my fridge. It’s not a stew, although it has some similar ingredients. It’s sort of a casserole, but not really. It’s definitely not traditional Southern fare, but it is comfort food: homey and rustic.