Ashwagandha: What It Is & Why I Take It

Want to know what brain fog feels like? A herd of turtles in your brain trying to stampede through peanut butter. {Turtles = thoughts. Peanut butter = brain fog.} Like many other issues that doctors will try to treat with pills, there is plant-based medicine that can help treat the issues that cause brain fog. And this is why I sought out ashwagandha.

6 Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Your Period

I bet I know what your favorite time each month is… And I bet it’s every week EXCEPT the week of your cycle. Rather than fighting my period, I embrace it as my body’s way of resetting each month. And my body likes to start each new month off with rest and inward focus. Here are the practices I have begun following to take care of myself during my cycle.

5 Unexpected Benefits of Coffee Enemas {for women!}

It’s no secret that I believe in the amazing benefits of coffee enemas. I’ve seen firsthand the healing power that coffee enemas have had on my digestive system. I was expecting that. However, I wasn’t expecting these 5 perks — and they’re all specific to being a woman!

The 5 Foods That Are Compromising Your Immune System

The one thing that could be hurting your immune system? It’s not how much you exercise, what supplements you take, or what natural practitioner you visit. Can you guess what that one thing is? It’s the food you eat!

Sometimes Antibiotics Are Necessary … But It Still Sucks

It stung a little when I peed … Uh-oh. I knew exactly what that feeling meant. I took my natural war on the UTI to Def-Con 5 because this crunchy mama don’t give up without a good, hard fight. Do you even know what a blow it is to maintain wonderful health for years, to fight something as common as a UTI with all the hippie weapons in your arsenal, and to still have to rely on allopathic medicine to “fix” it???

Natural Personal Care Products: Make or Buy?

“Do you make everything yourself?!”

I get that question a lot.

The answer is no, and I’m sharing exactly which personal care products are worth making and which ones I choose to buy. Join me at Traditional Cooking School for a bit of humor, some great homemade personal care links, and a few excellent, natural store-bought recommendations!

Why No ‘Poo Didn’t Work for Me

Why No ‘Poo Didn’t Work for Me

Many people have great success when they ditch their bottled shampoo and conditioner and go no ‘poo. I, unfortunately, was not one of those people.

I’m discussing my experience going “no ‘poo” as well as what products I finally found that have brought my hair back to life at Traditional Cooking School. Head on over and join the discussion!

For Real Food-Resistant Men:

This is a post my wife has been urging me to write for a while now. Quite frankly, it’s been put off long enough. It’s time you ladies had a guy backing you up! I’m happy to oblige…at least now I am. I’m fairly positive that the majority of the readers of this post will be female, but I encourage my lady friends to take comfort in its words, then shove them in your partner’s face.

Reconsidering the “Cleanse”: 7 Easy Ways to Support Daily Detox

Since the New Year is upon us and many consider this a natural time to evaluate personal health, people commonly opt for a cleanse to jump-start that process. Yesterday, at Traditional Cooking School, I posted Reconsidering the “Cleanse”: Why Kits, Powders, Fasts, and Pills May Not Be For You, and I discussed why the typical “cleanse in a box” might not be your best option if you’re wanting to detox.

Today, rather than giving you a magic formula to clean out the toxic substances in your body in a certain number of days or weeks, I’m going to share some effective, simple, and inexpensive things you can do every day to support your body’s natural detoxification.

Reconsidering the “Cleanse”: Why Kits, Powders, Fasts, & Pills May Not Be For You

It’s January — time to think about how to get healthy and fit during the coming year. Instead of making slow changes, you may find yourself wanting to jump on the fast-track to getting healthy. Quite often, this involves embarking on “detoxes” or “cleanses” of all sorts. If you’re looking to make some healthy changes this year, that’s excellent! And I want to support your healthy choices … while steering you clear of the boxed detoxes, powders, fasts, and pills.