Nutritional Balancing for Dummies: Lifestyle

Welcome to the fourth and final installment of the Nutritional Balancing for Dummies series! The lifestyle aspect of Nutritional Balancing is, in my opinion, the hardest part of the program to consistently follow because it’s not something you can check off a list. Keep reading to learn some tangible and intangible ways you can change your lifestyle for a positive impact on your health!

Sometimes Antibiotics Are Necessary … But It Still Sucks

It stung a little when I peed … Uh-oh. I knew exactly what that feeling meant. I took my natural war on the UTI to Def-Con 5 because this crunchy mama don’t give up without a good, hard fight. Do you even know what a blow it is to maintain wonderful health for years, to fight something as common as a UTI with all the hippie weapons in your arsenal, and to still have to rely on allopathic medicine to “fix” it???

Pineapple-Carrot-Turmeric Spritzer {a.k.a. best period drink ever}

There are a handful of bloated, emotional, crampy, hormonal, eat-an-entire-bag-of-Oreos days that lead up to and include the first couple days of the blessed arrival of dear Aunt Flo. I call this the “Best Period Drink Ever” because it brings menstrual relief and balance like nothing else can!

Nutritional Balancing for Dummies: Supplementation

In continuing with my series on the four aspects of a successful and complete Nutritional Balancing program, today I’m diving into supplementation!

What If I Can’t Afford Organic Food?

I vividly remember my first trip to Whole Foods. The visions of organic coconut-rolled dates that were dancing in my head were crushed in about 45 seconds.

I bet I pushed my cart around for an hour, searching high and low, believing it was all somehow a mistake and that I would stumble upon the realistically priced food at any moment.
I think it’s a common misconception that if you’re not buying organic, pasture-raised, farmer’s market food, then the only alternative is processed crap.

That’s just not true. Continue reading if you’re feeling discouraged and guilty because you can’t afford organic food.

Spontaneity in the Real Food Kitchen + My CSA Pasta Recipe

I have a bent toward perfectionism — even to the point that, if I make a mistake when writing a grocery list, I will often wad up the paper, throw it in the trash, and start all over. I thrive in a clean, organized environment and am frequently re-organizing my already organized spaces in an attempt to make them even more organized. I am overly practical and have very little tolerance for frills and fuss. I am a do-er and find it difficult to sit still and just be.
In all this organization, list-making, doing, and planning, it might surprise you to know that I have an alternate ego — the Mr. Hyde to my usual Dr. Jekyll. This side of me flies by the seat of her pants. In this alternate mode, creativity flows, unlimited by a plan, to-do list, or the written menu on the fridge.

This is when I do some of my best work … like the recipe I’m sharing for one of our new family favorites: CSA Pasta!

Hello, World! I’m back … and boy, do I have lots to share!

I kinda feel like I’ve literally fallen off the face of the planet. I left East Texas four months ago and landed in the middle of nowhere — in northeastern Minnesota. The turn of events that brought my family and I to this place is nothing short of Divine. It was fast and furious. One day …

How to Get Picky Eaters to Pick Real Food

There was a time in our lives when our son ate just a handful of foods: strawberry yogurt, apples, bananas, mac-and-cheese, PBJ’s, scrambled eggs, pizza, and toaster waffles. When I made dinner for the family, I would make him his own meal of the only foods he would eat without complaining. If we went to a restaurant, it had to have pizza or mac-and-cheese on the kids’ menu, or I would have to bring in food for him because he wouldn’t touch anything else.

Back then, I knew nothing about Real Food, and even my husband and I would have been considered picky — especially compared to all the variety we eat now! When we slowly began changing the way we ate, our son was definitely not on board with the changes. It took me a solid couple of years to break some bad habits (both in myself and in my children). Now, BOTH of my children are excellent eaters!

Want to know how I accomplished this amazing feat?! Head on over to Traditional Cooking School for my 14 tips on getting your picky eaters to pick Real Foods!

Nutritional Balancing for Dummies: Detox

Our bodies detox on their own every day. We don’t have to do or take anything to make that process happen. Detox is more efficient in some people than it is in others. How efficiently your body detoxes depends on numerous factors, including liver toxicity, metabolic rate, diet, stress level, sleep quality, and more.

If you are on a Nutritional Balancing program, it is likely that your body’s detoxification processes have slowed and are not as efficient as they should be. This causes things to get sort of “backed up”, and your liver/gallbladder can become sluggish, your skin may be broken out, or you may have classic lack-of-detox symptoms: headaches, brain fog, or a weakened immune system.

Our bodies have to process hundreds of thousands of toxins on a daily basis. Cleaning up your diet will go a long way toward reducing your body’s toxic load, but if your detox pathways have been slowed down for many years, diet alone is probably not enough to get things back where they need to be.
Today, I’m going to focus on another leg of the Nutritional Balancing chair: DETOX.

The Post I Couldn’t Title

The Post I Couldn’t Title

I remind myself that it is a new season, change happens, and growth takes place. Without us planting seeds or watering or pulling weeds or pruning, growth still occurs. Somehow, each of those wildflowers sprouted from a seed that no one planted and tiny stems forced their way out of the dark and the depths and the dirt and they found the sunshine.

And so will I.