Reverse Judgment: When Healthy Lifestyles Are Judged

“Not judging others’ food choices” is a pretty popular topic on Real Food blogs. As someone who has been learning to live a healthier lifestyle since 2008, I can tell you that there are times when I haven’t kept my mouth shut or kept my stares under control when I see people eating what I deem to be unhealthy. It is so important that, if you are a lover of local, organic, non-processed Real Food, you not judge those who are at a different place in their journey.

No matter where we find ourselves along the way, there will always be some ahead of us and some behind us. As soon as we think we’ve got it all figured out, an article will show up in our inbox or someone will share a link on Facebook that proves we still have much more to learn.

What I don’t read much about is the judgment that occurs the other way around: when those of us who are trying to learn and make healthier choices for ourselves and our families are judged by those who are not. You’d think it would be ludicrous to look down upon someone for striving to better themselves by learning and gaining experience with wholesome foods, but it happens. And it’s probably happened to you.

What We Discovered When We Spent the Night in Our Kids’ Room

My kids have ALWAYS been excellent sleepers. Until the past couple of months, we could put them to bed and not worry about them getting up, waking during the night, or being cranky the next day. Recently, however, they’ve both been having some sleeping troubles, and we were clueless as to why. Until now.

Reconsidering the “Cleanse”: 7 Easy Ways to Support Daily Detox

Since the New Year is upon us and many consider this a natural time to evaluate personal health, people commonly opt for a cleanse to jump-start that process. Yesterday, at Traditional Cooking School, I posted Reconsidering the “Cleanse”: Why Kits, Powders, Fasts, and Pills May Not Be For You, and I discussed why the typical “cleanse in a box” might not be your best option if you’re wanting to detox.

Today, rather than giving you a magic formula to clean out the toxic substances in your body in a certain number of days or weeks, I’m going to share some effective, simple, and inexpensive things you can do every day to support your body’s natural detoxification.

My Review of the Intellibed

My Review of the Intellibed

I was so excited to “achieve the healthiest sleep yet” (according to their site) that any fears of a used mattress were soon allayed by my desire to go to bed and stay there for at least 29 days straight. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we were and how we fully expected to fall in love with our Intellibed. Except we didn’t…

Why You Should Avoid Farmed Salmon + Garlic & Rosemary Baked Salmon

Salmon taking sun-less tanning pills and teeming with lice?? If that sounds like something out of a weird nature documentary or sci-fi magazine, I thought so too. Actually, it’s real. And you might be eating that salmon if you’re not careful about where your salmon comes from.

The Hidden Cost of Junk Food + Ideas to Stretch Your Budget

Today, I’m happy to be sharing about a subject I am really passionate about: how cheap junk food really does carry a pretty steep price tag in the long run. So that I don’t leave you feeling hopeless by the end of the first section of my post, I’m also giving you lots of practical suggestions on re-allocating money in your own budget so that you can put more toward your food costs, if you are like so many others who want to eat Real Food but feel they can’t afford it.

I Don’t Vaccinate + Why I Don’t Mind If You Do

My husband and I walked out of that workshop speechless. Sure, we were dumbfounded at the junk that’s “approved” to go into vaccines. Of course we were shocked at the number of studies that proved vaccines contributed to health problems in adults and children.

We were speechless because we hadn’t thought of these things before.

5 Supplements to Consider This Year

5 Supplements to Consider This Year

2013 was a rough year for me. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. I struggled with my gallbladder for half of the year. We moved and remodeled a home between March and July. It’s a lot for anyone to move and remodel (or have a baby, deal with illnesses, or lose a loved one…) in one year, but add everything else on top, and that’s a recipe for disaster!