11 Amazing Low-Fat Soup Recipes Recipes To Have On Any Day

Finding tasty meal options can be difficult when you’re trying to lower your fat intake, but soups can help! 

11 Amazing Low-Fat Soup Recipes Recipes To Have On Any Day

As long as the recipe doesn’t contain a lot of cream or sugar, there are lots of low-fat soup recipes you can add to your diet. These are full of delicious and nutritious ingredients that are great for your well-being.

You’ll find 11 amazing low-fat soup recipes to try below. Whether you’re looking for a lighter option to end the day with, or a  filling dish to keep you satisfied until your next meal, you’re bound to find a low-fat recipe that suits your tastes in this post!

Keep reading to discover some new, healthy, and tasty low-fat recipes! 

Easy Vegan Pea And Mint Soup

If you’re looking for a lighter soup option that’s also vegan-friendly, give this pea and mint soup a try. Other than being low in fat, this nutritious soup is full of fiber, protein, and vitamin C! 

This soup is perfect for light lunches or simple summer dinners. The peas give the dish an earthy, slightly sweet taste, while mint adds a pleasant zing to every spoonful. You’ll also be adding nutritional yeast which gives the soup a nice tang. 

It’s also thick and creamy without the need for fatty ingredients, but to avoid making it too runny, don’t use all of the stock at the beginning. You can always add more if it’s too thick, but doing the opposite is a lot harder! 

Mexican Style Turkey Soup

Here’s a soup that’s low-fat, full of protein, and packed with flavor. 

This recipe involves boiling red peppers, cilantro, and winter squash with turkey, corn, and chicken broth. The broth brings out all of the earthy, slightly sweet flavors in the vegetables, while turkey pieces give the soup some extra bulk. 

Paprika, chili powder, and cumin add a little spice, while cilantro rounds up the soup’s flavors together nicely. Enjoy the soup hot and fresh off of the stove, as this is when it tastes best! 

Spiced Carrot & Lentil Soup

You can have this spicy soup ready in a little under half an hour, or choose to slow cook it in a crockpot. It’s not just low in fat, it’s high in iron too! 

The recipe involves blending cooked lentils, carrots, and vegetable stock. The lentils keep the dish hearty and filling, while the stock brings the sweetness out of the carrots. 

You’ll also be adding milk and a plain yogurt topping for a creamy texture, but remember to use low-fat products to keep the fat content down. Enjoy the soup with warm naan and extra spices for a filling, yet tasty dinner! 

Cold Cucumber Soup

Soups don’t have to be warm, as this recipe proves! Refreshing ingredients, like mint, cucumber, and ice combine for a tasty chilled dish. 

The fresh mint and cucumber taste great together, creating an invigorating soup that’s perfect for warm days. Buttermilk gives the soup a light, creamy texture, while red wine vinegar gives each spoonful a gentle tang. 

With just one gram of fat and 57 calories, this cucumber soup makes for a wonderful starter, especially when garnished with extra mint sprigs! 

Vegetable Soup Recipe

Here’s a vegetable soup recipe that is low-fat and will keep you full until your next meal. Satiating ingredients, like cauliflower, cabbage, and green beans will keep your stomach and tastebuds satisfied. 

You’ll be cooking the vegetables to release their sweet, palatable flavors, then mixing them with tomato paste and seasonings for an extra tang. The recipe also uses bay leaves which gives the soup gentle minty flavors, giving the dish a complete flavor profile. 

You can customize this recipe depending on what you want to get out of it, but thanks to all of the delectable vegetables, the soup tastes amazing on its own. 

Healthy Chicken Wild Rice Soup Instant Pot Or Stovetop

If you’re looking for a low-fat soup recipe that’s creamy, satisfying, and high in protein, this recipe is for you! This chicken and wild rice soup is packed with flavorful and filling ingredients. 

Vegetables like mushrooms, onions, and carrots release their sweet notes as they cook, complementing the rice’s nutty flavors well. The rice also keeps the soup creamy without the need for high-fat ingredients. 

Shredded chicken breasts add extra bite, while a touch of butter provides a gentle richness that isn’t overwhelming. Just remember to avoid using too much butter, as we want to keep the soup low-fat. 

Butternut Squash Apple Soup

This soup is perfect for when the colder months set in, thanks to its warming fall-appropriate flavors. It only needs a few ingredients and can be ready to serve in just 20 minutes! 

Butternut squash is the star ingredient here, as it gives the soup a creamy texture without the need for cream or butter. You’ll also be adding apples to the recipe. The fruit’s sweet, refreshing juices cut right through the nutty squash, giving the soup a pleasant sweetness. 

Onions, salt, and vegetable stock keep the soup savory, while nutmeg adds a slightly spicy touch. Top with cracked black pepper and enjoy a dinner that’s perfect for cold nights! 

Hearty Pasta Soup

This pasta soup is easy to make and will keep your stomach satisfied. 

It’s packed with high-fiber vegetables that taste amazing, like peas, beans, and carrots. These have mild sweet flavors which complement the tortellini pasta’s nutty notes. You can choose any type of filled tortellini you wish, but spinach and ricotta options tend to work better with the rest of the vegetables. 

Basil and parmesan round off the soup well, adding peppery, slightly tangy flavors to the dish. This soup tastes great with garlic bread slices, but it’s just as satiating and satisfying on its own too!

Chicken Mulligatawny Soup

If you like Indian dishes, try making this soup recipe. South Asian spices, like curry powder, turmeric, and ginger give this soup incredible flavor. 

The bulk of the recipe comes from basmati rice and lean chicken breasts. The rice takes on notes from the spices, while the chicken soaks up the savory elements from chicken broth, coconut milk, and garlic. You’ll also be adding an apple, as this gives the soup sweet, tangy undertones. 

The recipe also involves a touch of flour to thicken the soup. This helps to keep the fat content down as we don’t need any butter or cream. This is a very filling recipe, but if it’s too thick for your liking, you can dilute the soup with coconut milk before serving. 

Smokey Bacon & Lentil Soup

Bacon isn’t usually linked with healthy dishes, but with four grams of fat and 19 grams of protein, you can’t go wrong with this soup recipe! 

You’ll be using three kinds of lentils for this dish: red, black, and green. These all add their earthy, nutty flavors to the dish and are sure to keep you satisfied. 

Vegetables like carrots, onion, and Swiss chard add some bulk while bacon gives the dish a savory, slightly salty layer. Cumin, paprika, and rosemary round out all the flavors well, giving the soup a spicy, peppery touch. 

This soup goes great with crusty bread slices or a small side salad, but as it’s so filling, it works well on its own too. 

Tomato Basil Soup

Tomato soup is a classic recipe that’s great for chilly winter nights. This version is thick, creamy, and surprisingly, low-fat! 

Diced tomatoes, vegetable broth, and onions blend for a savory, slightly sweet dish. Thyme, basil, and garlic all complement the vegetables well, while a little olive oil gives the soup a gentle rich feel. 

You can puree the soup to your desired thickness, but we’d recommend a light touch for a thicker texture. This soup tastes best when hot, but you can chill it and enjoy it cold for a lighter summer lunch. 

Final Thoughts

Those were 11 of the tastiest low-fat soup recipes! You’ll find a range of low-fat examples above, like filling soups to keep you satisfied or lighter bowls to enjoy on a warm day. 

No matter what your tastebuds are like, you’re sure to find a low-fat soup that suits your circumstances above. 

We hope you enjoy sharing these low-fat soup recipes with your loved ones at home! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Decrease The Fat Content Of Soup?

You can lower the amount of fat in your soup recipe by swapping lighter ingredients in place of cream. Examples include skim milk, low-fat half-and-half, fat-free Greek yogurt, and low-fat sour cream.

You can also puree lots of dense vegetables, like potatoes and squash. These will make your soup thick and creamy without the need for butter and cream. 

What Is A Low-Fat Substitute For Cream In Soup?

If you’re looking for low-fat substitutes to use in place of cream, low-fat Greek yogurt works well. The plain versions have a creamy texture without the added fat.

You can also try skim milk, but this may make your soup runnier, depending on how much you add to the recipe. 

Are Soups Healthy For Weight Loss?

Soups are low-calorie dishes that increase satiety, which means that they can help keep you full. This makes it easier to stick to a calorie deficit, which can aid weight loss.

Homemade soups regularly contain healthy ingredients, like vegetables and high-protein meat. However, many canned soup products contain lots of sugar, cream, and salt.

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s best to avoid high-fat and high-sugar soup cans and make your recipes at home. 

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