10 Superb Healthy Ground Chicken Recipes To Make This Weekend

If you are searching for healthy chicken recipes then a good way to make your meals healthier is to swap your chicken breast for ground chicken.

You might not expect it, but there are tons of delicious recipes that you can make using healthy ground chicken, and they taste amazing too!

10 Superb Healthy Ground Chicken Recipes To Make This Weekend

In this guide, we’re taking a look at some totally superb ground chicken recipes that you should try making this weekend!

These recipes aren’t overly complicated, they are fairly easy to make, and they taste totally out of this world.

So, if you are searching for some ground chicken inspiration, you are in the right place! Keep on reading to find out more.

1. Firecracker Ground Chicken

First up, we have this firecracker ground chicken. If you are searching for a healthy meal that is low in carbohydrates, but high in protein, this is the recipe for you. 

Quite a lot of healthier chicken recipes can often end up being a little bland and flavorless, but this honestly isn’t the case for this firecracker ground chicken.

This recipe is packed with different ingredients that create a flavor that is perfectly balanced, with just the right amount of spicy kick.

This recipe is really easy to make, and perhaps that is the best thing about this recipe. It takes just 20 minutes to prepare and cook, so in no time at all, you will be able to enjoy this delicious meal!

2. One-Skillet Cheesy Ground Chicken Pasta

Another great, healthy dish that you can prepare using ground chicken is this One-Skillet Cheesy Ground Chicken Pasta.

If you are looking for a yummy recipe that is totally easy to prepare and make, this recipe is the one for you!

The whole dish can be prepared in one pot, so it really does minimize the amount of washing up that you need to do once your meal is prepared.

We love this recipe because on the surface it doesn’t actually appear too healthy, so it feels like you are eating a treat, even though this dish is surprisingly healthy. 

This Eating Well recipe really will have you eating well. Once you finish this meal, you will feel warm and fulfilled, so be sure to check it out!

3. Sesame Ground Chicken

Alternatively, if you are searching for a flavorful ground chicken recipe that is a little different from the recipes that we have looked at so far, this is the one that you should check out. 

This Sesame Ground Chicken (see also “How To Make Paleo Sesame Orange“) recipe is really easy to throw together. It takes only 15 minutes to prepare this dish, and we’re sure your whole family will absolutely love it.

This dish is absolutely delicious, and you’ll definitely find yourself tempted to reach for a second serving. 

It is flavorful, delicious, and super healthy too. Low in carbs, high in protein, and perfect for the whole family, this is definitely a recipe that you should check out (see also “Low Carb Instant Pot Clam Chowder“)!

4. Cheesy Chicken Mince Fritters

There are tons of delicious meals that you can make using chicken mince, and that is because this meat is incredibly versatile. One unique meal that you can make using this meat is mince fritters. 

This recipe really is a little different to the other recipes that we have looked at thus far.

It is a little more fun than some of the other recipes that we have looked at, so it is perfect if you want to prepare a healthy meal for the whole family! 

As you can see in this guide, there are lots of yummy ground chicken recipes that use cheese too, and this is another one of these recipes. So what are you waiting for? Grab your ground chicken and get making!  

5. Easy Chicken Mince Stir Fry

Looking through this guide, you can see that there are a lot of ground chicken recipes that are super easy to throw together, and this is another example of this.

This recipe is perfect for a quick throw-together dinner on the weekend or any day of the week really. 

This is a great lightweight dinner, it will fill you right up without making you feel heavy at all. Serve it alongside rice for a very filling meal that will have you feeling light and airy after you finish eating. 

There really isn’t anything not to love about this recipe. If you are a huge fan of stir fry, then we’re sure you will adore this chicken mince stir fry, and it is a lot healthier than most of the other stir fry recipes that exist out there!

6. Baked Chicken Meatballs

Something that you can effortlessly make using ground chicken is chicken meatballs.

The process of making chicken meatballs is incredibly similar to the process of making minced meatballs, so if you have made them before, this recipe really will be a piece of cake! 

Throwing these meatballs together will take next to no time. This recipe is simple, with just ground chicken and spinach to throw together.

The meatballs themselves are surprisingly flavorful, and every single mouthful will be something to enjoy. 

You can serve these chicken meatballs with whatever you want. They taste amazing on their own, but you could easily serve them alongside rice or pasta too if you wish.

The added bonus is that because they’re baked, they are extra healthy. We’re sure you will love this chicken meatball recipe! 

7. Ground Chicken Tacos

Another outstanding recipe that you should check out if you are searching for the perfect healthy ground chicken recipe is this ground chicken taco recipe.

If you and your family love Taco Tuesdays, this ground chicken tacos recipe is guaranteed to be a success!

This recipe is essentially just a healthier alternative to your classic ground beef tacos. The recipe is filled with flavorful ingredients that allow you to create the classic taco flavor, with much healthier ingredients. 

All in all, this recipe will take just 30 minutes to prepare and cook. So in no time at all, you and your family will be sitting down for a delicious meal.

This recipe is flavorful because of the wide variety of spices used to prepare it. We really think that you’ll love this ground chicken taco recipe (see also “10 Amazing Low Calorie Chicken Recipes“)! 

8. Orange Ground Chicken Rice Bowls

Orange chicken is a little bit of an acquired taste, so we know this recipe won’t be for everybody.

But if you are somebody who likes orange chicken but is searching for a healthy alternative to their regular recipe, you are in the right place!

These Orange ground chicken rice bowls are incredibly different from the other recipes that we have looked at so far (see also “Smokey Turmeric Cauliflower Rice Recipe“).

But this recipe tastes exactly like regular orange chicken, it simply uses ground chicken and healthier ingredients to make a typically unhealthy dish, much healthier. 

Simply serve your delicious orange ground chicken alongside boiled rice, or any rice of your choice for a delicious meal! Enjoy this on the weekend or any day of the week really! 

9. Ground Chicken Noodle Casserole

A classic dish that you can prepare using chicken is a casserole, and this chicken noodle casserole dish is just like a regular casserole, but much healthier. This main is guaranteed to fill you up no matter when you enjoy it. 

One of the best things about a casserole is that it is incredibly easy to throw together. You can easily prepare it in advance on a Saturday morning, then heat it up and serve it in the evening.

Once you make this recipe once, we are sure it will form part of your regular meal circuit, and once you taste it, you will be raring to make it again. 

There really is so much to love about this chicken noodle casserole recipe (see also “20 Delicious Healthy Noodle Recipes“). It is flavorful and incredibly healthy too. Be sure to check it out! 

10. Homemade Chicken Burgers

Finally, let’s wrap this up with a total classic, and that is chicken burgers. This homemade chicken burger recipe is a great one to make because it allows you to prepare and eat a “treat” meal, without actually having to treat yourself. 

There are all sorts of delicious chicken burger recipes out there, but this one really is one of our favorites.

This chicken burger recipe takes just 20 minutes to prepare, but it is packed full of flavor and really easy to make too. Plus, because you are making the burgers yourself, you know exactly what goes into them. 

If you are trying to eat healthy, but don’t want to go without your home comforts, this is a great recipe that you can make instead (see also ‘How To Eat Healthy Without Cooking‘). We’re sure it’ll be a hit with the whole family!


In this guide, we have taken a look at 10 superb and healthy ground chicken recipes that you should definitely consider making this weekend (see also “10 Superb Healthy Chicken Tenderloin Recipes“) (see also “10 Superb Healthy Italian Recipes To Make This Weekend“).

All these recipes are packed with flavor, utterly delicious, and guaranteed to be a hit with your whole family! 

Thank you for reading! 

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