20 Delicious Healthy Ramen Recipes To Impress The Family

Ramen is an incredibly popular dish that originated in East Asia, specifically in Japan in the early 20th century, consisting of Chinese-style wheat noodles that are served in a soup-like broth and served with a range of toppings such as menma (bamboo shoots), scallions, soy sauce, nori (dried seaweed) and sliced pork to name a few.

The dish is popular all over the world thanks to how versatile it is, able to have its ingredients switched up in a range of different ways.

20 Delicious Healthy Ramen Recipes To Impress The Family

Ramen isn’t a hugely calorific dish (though the packet versions are chock-full of MSG and sodium), but there are ways that you can alter it to make it healthier.

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at twenty particularly healthy ramen recipes that are delicious and good for you too! Let’s get started.

1. Mushroom Ramen Bowl

This ramen bowl recipe is unique in that it utilizes an unusual technique to create the broth wherein water is combined with bacon in order to create a smoky, rich taste, adding to the deliciousness!

Though there is that inclusion of bacon, this recipe is mostly made up of vegetables such as mushrooms, bamboo shoots, baby bok choy, and sliced green onions.

2. Thai Peanut Chicken And Ramen Noodle Soup

Although the ramen noodle packet used in this recipe isn’t particularly healthy, you can remove the seasoning packet (as these are full of MSG and sodium) and boil the noodles first so that the dish becomes much healthier. 

You can swap in some whole grain pasta, too, if you would rather, but if you do so, make sure that you cook the pasta within the soup for a bit longer. 

This is the perfect ramen dish for fans of Thai food, featuring plenty of earthy, rich flavors. 

3. Chopped Ramen Noodle Salad With Grilled Teriyaki Turkey

Full of contrasting savory and sweet flavors as well as some great texture, this ramen features a ton of tasty veggies such as broccoli florets and romaine lettuce. 

As well as that, you get some lean protein in the form of the turkey (see also “12 Leftover Turkey Recipes For A Delicious Post-Holiday Breakfast“), which has a bold and delicious East Asian flavor thanks to the teriyaki marinade. 

4. Simple Homemade Chicken Recipe

Sometimes, the simplest recipes are the best, and this homemade chicken ramen recipe (see also “Simple Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup“)  is definitely an incredible one that is tasty and good for you.

This choice of ramen is chock-full of fresh vegetables and roasted chicken, along with flavorsome broth, a softly cooked egg, and heapings of noodles. 

You can also make this dish in less than an hour, making for a delicious, healthy, and quick-to-cook. 

5. Garden Ramen Noodles

Packed with vegetables, this garden ramen noodles recipe is only 310 calories and takes around half an hour to create. 

You do get some much-needed protein in the recipe (see also “10 Amazing High Protein Vegetarian Recipes“) thanks to the inclusion of chicken, though if you would rather make it vegetarian-friendly, then simply replace the chicken with vegetable broth. 

6. Ramen Cups With Cabbage And Pork Slaw

This unique take on ramen features small, crunchy cups that are made from cooked, drained, and dried noodles rather than a bowl of noodles in the broth. 

These cups are filled with a slaw made from deliciously healthy ingredients, including Napa cabbage, red bell peppers, carrots, green scallions, sesame seeds, and roast pork tenderloin.

7. Smoky Grilled Chicken With Zucchini Ramen Noodles

Another take on chicken ramen, this particular recipe allows for the delicious taste of ramen without the excessive sodium and carbs that the dish is sometimes known for. 

Though the smoky, grilled chicken and the zucchini are the stars of the show here, there are also plenty of other healthy ingredients involved in the recipe, such as red bell peppers, onions, and coconut oil. 

8. Skillet Beef And Broccoli Ramen

Beef and broccoli will always be a winning combination, and this skillet beef and broccoli ramen recipe is no exception (see also “Skillet Blackened Salmon Over Cajun Zoodles” for an other winning combination)!

This is definitely a great comfort food, but it is also a healthy one thanks to the heapings of broccoli. 

Make sure that you get your flank steak beef as tender as possible to achieve that perfect balance of crunchy broccoli with tender meat. 

9. Ginger Scallion Ramen With Chasu Braised Pork Belly

Though scallion and ginger might not seem like a flavor combination that would work, this particular ramen recipe proves that wrong.

When you pair those flavors with the soft noodles and the tender, Chasu braised pork belly makes for a dish that is very East Asian in taste as well as healthy and delicious. 

10. Peanut Butter Ramen Noodles

The combination of nutty, earthy peanut butter with the shrimp in this recipe makes for a uniquely delicious take on the standard ramen.

To improve the healthiness of the dish, opt for low-sodium soy sauce as well as plenty of veggies. 

11. Homemade Ramen With Bacon And Soft-Boiled Eggs

Homemade ramen is the best way to avoid the helpings of MSG and sodium that can be found in packaged ramen. All you need to do is grab some plain noodles and jazz them up yourself. 

In this recipe, bacon and soft-boiled eggs are the main ingredients here, but they are combined with shallots, fresh spinach, and a fantastically salty and spicy broth for a healthy taste explosion. 

12. Korean Ramen Noodle Soup

Ramen is incredibly popular in Korea, so it is no surprise that there are tons of different kinds of Korean ramen available. 

This particular Korean recipe is vegan friendly, not using any meat or fish.

Instead, you will use ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, carrots, white button mushrooms, dried kelp, and scallions to create a super healthy, veggie-filled dish of deliciousness. 

13. Spicy Almond Tantan Ramen With Chili Bean Ground Pork

This recipe reinvents the Japanese dish of Tantanmen (which is a Japanese take on Sichuan Dan Dan noodles) and creates a low-carb and unique ramen dish. 

The spicy chili bean ground pork adds a burst of heat to the dish, which is sure to be a winning feature for those who like a bit of extra spice with their ramen. 

14. Vegan Ramen Noodles With Mushrooms And Bok Choy

Another vegan ramen dish, the bok choy, and mushrooms are the star players here, though the flavor is heightened by the other inclusions to the ingredients list, such as the green onions, the rice wine vinegar, the garlic, and the agave syrup to name a few. 

15. Healthy Homemade Kimchi Ramen

Combining two popular Korean dishes- ramen and kimchi (fermented and salted pickled radish or Napa cabbage)-, this ramen dish also includes organic ramen to lower that salt intake. 

The kimchi in this recipe is also homemade, allowing for a freshness that you just don’t get with the packet or the jarred stuff. 

Kimchi has a strong flavor, so even though there is no meat included, you can be sure that the taste will still pack a punch whilst being a healthier option.  

16. Spicy Roasted Vegetable Ramen

Prefer something a little spicier but still healthy? Then this spicy roasted vegetable ramen is sure to be a treat!

The spiciness in this dish comes from a generous helping of chili paste, whilst the soy sauce and the fish sauce offer some saltiness. 

You can use a meat stock- such as chicken or beef- for this recipe, or you can opt for a vegetarian-friendly choice, such as vegetable stock or mushroom stock, depending on your preferences. 

17. Jjamppong Spicy Korean Seafood Ramen

Jjamppong is a Chinese- Korean dish that involves a mixture of vegetables, seafood, noodles, and meat encased with a savory and spicy soup. 

This ramen recipe takes the traditional Jjamppong dish and turns it into a ramen dish that is brimming with veggies, pork, and a range of seafood such as shrimp, mussels, clams, and squid. 

18. Sesame Garlic Ramen Noodles

This simple garlic and sesame seed ramen noodle dish is only 240 calories and has a bit of a bite thanks to the inclusion of Sriracha as well as tamari sauce. 

19. Easy Vegan Ramen

This vegan-friendly ramen dish features crispy tofu along with miso-roasted vegetables in a mushroom broth with soft noodles, making for a great choice for those with specific dietary needs as well as those looking to cut out some of their calories. 

20. Japanese Chicken Ramen

Incredibly flavorsome, this Japanese chicken ramen is pretty standard when it comes to ramen, but is also a healthier option thanks to the use of organic and fresh ingredients, such as the eggs, the shiitake mushrooms, and the chicken breast, to name a few. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have twenty tasty and healthy ramen dishes that you can make for yourself at home or for your friends and family to impress them thoroughly!

Whether you prefer white meat, red meat, fish, or just veggies with your ramen, you are sure to find the dish that suits you best with our varied list. 

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